Below is a list of some of the services We provide. If you need more information or have any questions, contact us by calling me at (760) 727-9000 or click here.
Online Employee Enrollment Portal
Access Health has partnered with Ease Central to provide our employers with a simple, branded, online employee enrollment system. The system we provide is complimentary for our Employers! The system streamlines the enrollment process by preventing delays due to missing information and illegible applications.
• Web based online employee enrollment branded with your company logo and images.
• 24 / 7 Employee access to online benefit summaries and SBC’s (Summary of Benefits and Coverage).
• Enables employers to quickly generate reports for payroll deductions, reconciled billing, and more.
• Upload your Employer Handbook and any other important notices to the system to ensure Employee review.
• New hire onboarding provided including I9 and W4 forms at no charge to our groups.
HR Resource Portal
Our Employers have access to HR Answer Link through our online benefit portal. Keeping up with constantly changing HR Regulations and best practices can be challenging for Employers. From Health Care Reform to changes in minimum wage and other workplace laws, it’s critical to stay complaint. Through our system you will have access to:
HR Library
• Job Descriptions
• Easy to understand federal and State law libraries
• Documents database with letter, forms, and more
• Quick guides and checklists on common HR topics
• Exclusive Articles, Training Videos on demand, and Podcasts
HR Tools
• Employee Handbook wizard
• 3-minute HR Audit
• Weekly HR emails on currently trending HR topics
• And more!!
Dedicated Account Management Team
Our experienced, dedicated Account Management Team supports our Employer groups by providing excellent customer service and prompt response to your needs. New hire’s, terminations, lost ID cards, billing issues, and any policy related service issue is handled by your dedicated Account Manager. Assistance with our online benefits enrollment system, entering new hires and sending log-ins. Our Account Management team handles all levels of administration of your Employee benefits on your behalf. They are available via phone or email, ready to take the burden of administration off your plate so you can focus on your business.
group health insurance
Group Health Insurance is now available for businesses with as few as one W2 employee. Providing employee benefits is an excellent way to retain and recruit quality employees. It provides tax advantages for the employer as well. Starting in 2016 employers with 50 or more full time employees will be required to provide health insurance to their employees, or be subject to penalties. Many smaller employers have long recognized the value of employer provided benefits. Comprehensive benefit packages can be offered even by smaller companies. I can help your group with many different lines of coverage including; medical, dental, vision, life, and disability. In addition, I offer supplemental benefits, with no employer contribution, to help you round out your employee benefit package. Many employees appreciate the opportunity to protect themselves against unforeseen accidents, illnesses, and injuries which can be expensive even with comprehensive benefits. I can help you pick a benefits package within your budget. There is no charge to have me as your agent; I am paid by the carrier’s directly and it doesn’t affect your pricing at all. As an agent, I am here provide service and help you seamlessly administer your employee benefits.
individual and family health insurance
Protecting yourself and your family is important. The Affordable Care Act has mandated that Individuals and Families qualify for health insurance, regardless of their health history or any pre-existing conditions. The open enrollment period is November 15 – February 15 each year. There are special election periods during the year for people who lose coverage for situations such as a loss of group health insurance, aged off their parents plan, divorce, birth, etc. You can obtain coverage through the State Exchange or directly from the carriers. Plans are available in all metal tiers; Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. All plans since the Affordable Care Act passed must include coverage for these 10 Essential Health Benefits, ensuring that you have complete and comprehensive coverage for Outpatient Care, Emergency Care, Hospitalization, Maternity, Mental Health, Physical and Occupational Therapy, Labwork, Pediatric Services, Preventive Screenings, and Prescriptions.
medicare plans
If you are newly eligible for Medicare you have lots of options and paperwork arriving in your mailbox daily, which can be overwhelming. You can enhance your Medicare benefits by adding a Supplement and a prescription plan, or by selecting a Medicare Advantage plan. I would be happy to explain your options and the enrollment timeframes.
dental insurance
Dental costs can add up quickly without coverage. There are many group dental plans that can be purchased by employers for their employees, even if you don’t offer medical insurance! Plans with coverage for preventive services, fillings, crowns, implants, and orthodontics are available. Contact us to learn more about what carriers and plans are available for your employees!
life insurance
Groups and individuals alike can purchase inexpensive protection for their family. I offer term life insurance plans, and permanent policies. Individual ratings are determined by underwriting and are dependent on the individual’s health history as well as the results of a medical exam and bloodwork. If you are an employer, depending on the number of employees you have, your group may be eligible for a life insurance plan that is guaranteed issue. That means you don’t have to worry about underwriting and pre-existing conditions of your employees. Employers can offer their employees a group life insurance policy, even if they don’t offer medical insurance. Please call or email me so I can provide you with plan options and pricing.